Data Powered Farming

Bringing the food and agricultural supply chain into the 21st century.


The solution that promises to bring the food and agricultural supply chain into the 21st century.


Billions of dollars have been poured into consumer internet and fin-tech over the years.


A Joint Venture of Experience and Vision

Produsense is poised to make key parts of the retail food chain safer and more efficient through innovative proprietary sensor technology.

Produsense sensors are integrated into all stages of commercial food production, processing and distribution, automating logging and monitoring to streamline procedures and improve safety.

Combined with a proprietary AI software platform, a highly detailed data set of how, when, and where stock is at any point in time can be easily accessed.

Produsense, ClearVue PV & Foresense Technologies Greenhouse Collaboration Agreement

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Great advancement in the key pillars of Technology

Smart Crop Monitoring

Connected irrigation & nutrient distribution equipment based on connected sensor data & imagery analysis, optimising resource usage and crop growth through real time precise, location – dependent adjustments.

Great advancement in the key pillars of Technology

Drone Farming

Drone surveillance and remote interventions based on image analysis and conn cited sensors communicating data with the drone. Aimed at providing more frequent, cost-effective remote monitoring of large areas and enabling remote interventions to boost yield and reduce losses from pests as well as optimising deployment costs.

Smart Livestock Monitoring

Individualised feeding and care plans based on connected body sensor data and movement tracking. Detecting illness early and providing each animal with optimal feed and medicine mix to maximise growth.

Smart Building & Equipment Management

Prescriptive maintenance and real time environmental adjustments. Aimed at improving performance and extending useful life of farm equipment and other assets as well as decreasing risk of mould, fire and other threats.

Autonomous Farming Machinery

Self-operating machinery and robots able to perform targeted interventions based on connected sensor data, GPS data and imagery analysis. Aimed at optimizing resource usage, reducing labour requirements and boosting yield through more precise and individualised interventions.

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In Australia only in order to achieve the national farmers federations goal of $100 billion by 2030, Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector needs to attract $8 billion of annual capital investment.